Desert Dust is giving the long awaited revamp to cabbage we've all been waiting for....

This Desert Dust roasted cabbage is worth all the hype. Serve as a side or the main event

It's so Easy!! Savory Desert Dust Salmon

It's so easy to make this flavorful Salmon with our Savory Desert Dust

Spicy Cucumber & Jalapeno Margarita with a Dusted Rim

This perfectly fresh spicy margarita will transport you poolside with a side of desert heat.

Hearty Vegan Desert Dust X Trader Joe's Lentil Soup

We pulled together some easy to find grocery items from Trader Joe's and made a delicious Vegan Desert Dust Lentil Soup that is perfect for the winter months

Spicy Desert Dust Mac N Cheese

Add Desert Dust to your comfort food regimen with this Desert Dusted Spicy Mac N Cheese. This quick and easy recipe is the night in snack!

Stuffed & Dusted Portobello Mushrooms

These Desert Dusted stuffed Portobello Mushrooms is a perfect versatile appetizer, side or main packed with vitamins and complemented with our Desert Dust Savory flavor

Desert Dusted Paloma

In honor of Mexican Independence Day we are celebrating with a Paloma with the Desert Dusted rim of our dreams! 🇲🇽  Grab your favorite Tequila or Mezcal and make this delicious Paloma Ingredients: 1 1/2...