Get Ready for the Dust Bowl!!!

.We're prepping for a Dust Bowl this Sunday by baking some healthy Spicy Desert Dusted wings

Desert Dust is giving the long awaited revamp to cabbage we've all been waiting for....

This Desert Dust roasted cabbage is worth all the hype. Serve as a side or the main event

It's so Easy!! Savory Desert Dust Salmon

It's so easy to make this flavorful Salmon with our Savory Desert Dust

Spicy Cucumber & Jalapeno Margarita with a Dusted Rim

This perfectly fresh spicy margarita will transport you poolside with a side of desert heat.

3 Ingredient Bell Peppers with Desert Dust

This quick, low carb snack is perfect for when you are on the go. It's fresh and full of flavor!

Desert Dust Fried Chicken

Mouth watering Desert Dust Fried Chicken the whole household will gravitate to the kitchen for!

Poached Dates with Olive Oil and Desert Dust Sprinkle

Try this genius, all natural 10 minute dessert that is just 3 ingredients.  Of course, one of them is Desert Dust! The all natural caramel flavor is to die for!

Air fryer Desert Dusted Brie

The salty and sweet layer of Desert Dust compliments this delicious bubbling brie that makes for an easy fix when you have unexpected company

Dates for Health: Harnessing the Nutritional Power of Dates as a Beneficial Ingredient in Desert Dust

Here, we share a few of the reason's why using locally sourced dates on our Desert Dust products was a no-brainer from the start